About Us

AXOM|Q is a cloud-based technological platform that is devoted towards providing healthcare solutions irrespective of the location of the patient or the clinician. Our mission is clearly outlined: Transcending & achieving equality in healthcare solutions, above and beyond national borders.

AXOM|Q solutions are designed by healthcare experts focused on patient matrices to meet the challenges of today's virtual practice. Whether you are using paper or multiple other traditional technologies, you need proven solutions that will help you execute efficiency, standardize practices, and maximize return on your investments. AXOM|Qs thoroughly tested solutions will make this transition seamless.

At AXOM|Q, we think healthcare providers & NGOs deserve technology that lets them focus on what really matters, which is - Patient & Social Care. And this, we need to create! Designed with input from our providers, our new streamlined electronic health record (EHR) helps you document faster, meet quality program requirements with ease and remove distractions that get in the way of quality Healthcare.

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